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Junk Removal Starting at $125

Pricing Notes

We move household items both big and small, but the price varies depending on the size. Because load sizes vary, we offer a few different price points to accommodate items of all kinds.

  • The guaranteed price we provide includes labor and any fees related to travel, transport, and disposal(up to 1 ton) or recycling.

Heavier, High Volume Hauls

Certain items require more labor and equipment to lift. Because of this, appliances, hot tubs, construction debris (including concrete, bricks, and tiles), and other heavy items can only be accommodated in certain amounts. These loads are so heavy and our trucks can only hold so much, so we price these items by volume.

The Cost of Competitors

When it comes to junk removal, you probably have many options in your area. While many may be reputable and reliable, there are some businesses that are not legitimate and some may have hidden fees. For example, several junk removal companies will surcharge for almost any item that is heavy, requires two employees to lift, bringing down flights of stairs, etc. Be sure to ask before agreeing to service.

At Junk Runners, we believe in transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect before we even arrive. We do pass-through surcharges for specific items, which means if we are being charged more to dispose of the item, then it will be passed along to the customer. We will inform you should this situation arise.

Also, be sure to ask about insurance before welcoming a junk remover into your home. Junk Runners is fully insured. Many competitors may not be insured, which means that if the damage is made to your property, they may be unable to pay to have it fixed without insurance or will not respond to your request to have it fixed.

Residential Cleanout Services

Our residential cleanout services are designed to help homeowners declutter their homes and reclaim their living space. We understand that clutter can accumulate quickly, whether it's from a move, a renovation project, or simply years of accumulated junk.

Our team of professionals is trained to handle any type of residential cleanout project, no matter how big or small. We can remove everything from old furniture and appliances to clothes, books, and other household items. We'll work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and budget. Call us today for a free estimate.


Commercial Building Cleanouts

At Junk Runners we provide fast and efficient commercial cleanout services. We specialize in helping businesses get rid of unwanted items, debris, and junk. Whether you need to clean out an office, warehouse, or retail space, Junk Runners can handle the job efficiently and effectively. Our team of trained professionals will sort, haul, and dispose of all unwanted items, leaving your business clean and clutter-free. With flexible scheduling and competitive pricing, Junk Runners is the go-to choice for businesses in need of a thorough commercial cleanout.

Appliance Removal Services

Junk Runners provides professional appliance removal service for homeowners, renters, or businesses looking to dispose of old, broken or unwanted appliances. With our hassle-free services, Junk Runners takes care of everything from scheduling pickup, removing appliances, and disposing of them in an eco-friendly manner. Their experienced team of professionals ensures that the removal process is quick and efficient, leaving the business with a clutter-free space. Whether it's large or small appliances, Junk Runners provides a reliable and affordable solution for businesses seeking to get rid of unwanted appliances.


Construction Site Clearouts

Junk Runners provides professional construction site clearout services to clients in need of a clean and safe work environment. Our skilled team of experts is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to remove debris, waste, and unwanted materials from construction sites. Whether you need a one-time clearout or regular maintenance, Junk Runners is dedicated to providing reliable and cost-effective solutions to keep your construction site clutter-free. We prioritize safety and environmental responsibility, ensuring that all waste is disposed of properly and in compliance with local regulations. Contact Junk Runners today for a free estimate.

Furniture Removal 

Getting new furniture and need to toss the old couch, dresser, or table? Look no further, we provide furniture removal services that specialize in clearing out unwanted furniture from homes and businesses. Our experienced team of movers will remove your old, bulky furniture, including sofas, chairs, tables, and more, and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. Junk Runners is here to help make your furniture removal process quick and hassle-free.


Brush and Debris Removal

Junk Runners provides reliable brush and debris removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of insured and experienced professionals is equipped to handle all types of debris, including fallen branches, yard waste, construction materials, and more. Junk Runners is committed to providing top-quality service and making the debris removal process as stress-free as possible for our customers.

Residential Junk Removal

If you were searching for “residential junk removal services near me,” we got you. Our services will meet and exceed your expectations. We’re a locally owned and operated company, so we know first-hand what the residents of Orange and Riverside County need. We help homeowners, landlords, and renters remove any unwanted junk they might have. We understand that time is valuable and will show up on schedule and complete the job quickly. We will always call 15 minutes ahead of arriving on site. Let Junk Runners throw your trash away for you. Get a free estimate today!

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Commerical Junk Removal 

Commercial junk removal can be a hassle and what employee wants to remove junk from where they work? With our experienced team, Junk Runners will help any business efficiently and safely dispose of unwanted items, such as office desks, furniture, and old electronics. We prioritize sustainability by donating or recycling items whenever possible, and strive to provide a hassle-free experience for our clients. Trust Junk Runners to clear the clutter and make your business environment clean and organized.

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